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toro-ecycler-20360-lawn-mower-review-lgOne of the most important parts of the lawn mover is the battery. Obviously, without the battery, it will not function. The Toro mower parts have been providing quality parts to their customers and lawn mower battery is their primary product. They are one of the well known company names when it comes to lawn mowing. They are attributed to their exemplary services and parts selection for their equipment.

They level of experience is seen in the machines they are producing. They issue a five year standard warranty. Their level of support allowed them to be one of the backed lawn mower in this industry. The good thing about the parts that they sell is that they are already priced inexpensively. Whenever you decide to buy a lawn mower battery, expect that it will last long in your possession. The company can easily locate and provide with the parts you need.

There are times that you cannot avoid breakdown and damages on your lawn mower. There are damaged parts that may hinder the functionality of the equipment. The first thing you need to do is to visit their online site and get the serial number of the parts that you need. Then the online inventory will provide you with the number and this will be your guide what part you need to purchase so that you can fix the problem. The Toro mower parts also have experts who repair and test the reconditioned parts with warranty on them – that is if you want to sell the equipment.

The prices differ from the blades, external parts, surrounding pipes, change oils, and the battery. If there are repairs needed for your lawn mower – for example, the pipes have broken parts. You will be paying close to $150 – that already includes the labor. If you are going to look at the cost that is already half the price of Toro’s small model with the five year warranty. It seems that it would be better if you just buy new equipment. You can even trade in your machine and then use that money to buy a new model. Still economical but the equipment is really functional.

This is just a tip – never fix your lawn mowers alone. It can cause more damages to the equipment. It is better if you call your nearest service center so that they can help you with your problem. They also recommended service centers that you can try. When you need to buy Toro mower parts, you have to make sure that you buy them at the authorized dealers and distributors only. You do not want to sacrifice the quality of your lawn mower to illegally made lawn mower parts.


It has been commonly observed that the moment you start fiddling around with your stuff in the garage you would probably realize that the lawn mower is one of the most utility items among your garden equipments. Ironically, at the same time it is also the one to be the most exploited and abused.  But, as a matter of fact a lawnmower is usually quite a sturdy machine built to carry the bulk of tasks with ease and its timely maintenance is just a add on for its productivity and longevity.

Then there is another fact related to the mower that when you exclusively consider it then a majority of owners neglect buying essential lawn mower replacement parts which could have been ideal. This is so because initially during the mowing season a good tune up and the necessary parts replacement can prove to be quite effective as can also instrumental in avoiding possible repair due to wear out. Following such practices comprehensively enables you to extract long years of service from your mower but also enjoy mowing even more.

Then off course, other important thing to be considered while endeavoring to retain your mower in excellent running condition is get the oil changed frequently. Apart from this the two major lawn mower replacement parts to get replaced every season are the spark plug and the air filter to ensure smooth functioning. Not to forget, removing the mower blades and consequently sharpening them can also be quite instrumental. However, in case you prefer and prioritize servicing your outdoor power equipment often then Kawasaki lawn mower repair can always be the most reliable and worthwhile option to be reckoned with.


ImageI have been in the lawn mowing industry for many years and am writing to share my experience on lawn mower maintenance and purchasing. For my personal/home mower, I do the following things:

1) Change the oil and filter at least on time per season (I always carefully read the owner’s manual and follow the factories recommendations. At the very minimum, I change the oil and filter at least one time per season.)

2) Replace the factory blade with a mulching blade (I have had best results with a product called gator blade. By changing to a mulching blade, I have been able to eliminate the need for bagging grass and improve the look of my yard)

3) Replace the spark plug at the beginning of each season (spark plugs generally cost less than two dollars and often make the lawn mower easier to start, especially if the old spark plug is very worn)

4) Check and clean the air filter every 3 cuts (a dirty air filter can damage your engine and make your mower much harder to start. I highly recommend checking and cleaning your air filter on a regular basis)

Lawn Mower Repair

If you are uncomfortable repairing your lawn mower yourself or have a complicated problem with your lawn mower, you should consult a professional who works on lawnmowers on a regular basis. You may find a professional by typing your cities name lawn mower repair into Google (for example, you may type, “AA Power Equipments Lawn Mower Repair” into Google). Once you generate a list of people in your area who do Lawn Mower Repair, you should research the companies you find a bit to find out whether or not they are trustworthy and sufficiently knowledgeable to do the job. To do this, I often ask for the recommendations of my family, friends, and other people in the lawn mowing industry. Often times, personal recommendations are a great way to find a trustworthy business.

Furthermore, once you find a professional that you want to take your lawn mower to, I strongly recommend getting a clear estimate for the price to complete the work before authorizing them to fix your machine. Often time’s repairs can exceed the value of a lawn mower and it makes more sense, economically, and it makes more sense to dump an old lawn mower than it does to invest a $150 dollars into an old one.

 In the case your lawn mower is old and not worth fixing, I strongly recommend investing either in a Honda Self Propelled Lawn Mower or Toro Personal Pace. In my opinion, Honda’s are the best lawn mower for someone that is willing to pay $400-$500 in order to get a great machine that lasts a long time. However, if you have a smaller budget, $250-$400, I strongly recommend the Toro Personal Pace because it is very reliable, well built, and features a very unique self propelled system that makes it very easy to use. The personal pace system actually varies its speed based on how hard you push, the harder you push, the faster it goes. I have owned several Honda’s and several Toro’s and recommend both to my family and friends depending on their budget and unique needs.

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My naughty nephew ended up damaging our old Lawn Mower when he came down for vacation. My father suggested that we get a new one but after taking a look I decided that we could get it repaired once and see the practicability. I have never been good mower and most of the times it was my mother who prefers to scythe her garden, because she is too possessive about it.


However, I was the one who was given the task for getting the machine mended. The only stuff that I had known well about this grass-cutter was that it had spoiled too many of my Sundays with its noisiness. Hence I was somewhat happy to get rid of it and was actually trying to avert the idea of getting it fixed. But my mother knew that until she pushed me hard for it, the job would hardly get done. Hence she made sure that the next weekend I had to go to the market.

lawn mower repair

But it helped my solve my problems too, because while getting the Honda Mower Parts, I also was taught by the repairer how to use the stuff in such a way that it will produce minimum sound. I had to learn it with absolute attention. Yet, after I showed mom how to use it in the proper way, she got so impressed that she ended up handing the job of trimming the lawn to me. So, this turned out to be an even bigger issue than I had imagined; but that is another story.

It was just another Christmas Vacation but to make it special we decided to celebrate it with at John’s grandma. She lived alone on the outskirts of the city; in a house my husband had named ‘The Chateau’, because to him, it had never been lesser than one of those mystic castles, the stories of which he had heard from grandma.

And as we reached there, I could understand why he was so fascinated with that house. It indeed carried the look of a villa, which lay snug amongst the woods giving the warmest welcome to its visitors. But I was a little tensed to see the condition of the garden; although grandma had tried to maintain it but her age and health prevented her from being the same active homemaker she had always been. So, I decided to make my little contributions, to help my husband relive the liveliness of his childhood days.

Echo lawn mower repair

All I needed was a lawn mower; grandma had one but it needed a little mending. We went to the nearby market the next day and got some spare parts. The best part of marrying an engineer is that they are often good henchmen and will repair your small machineries. John has always proved his worth in that.


As I mowed the lawn, I could see the old lady’s eyes gleaming with pleasure; and the next thing was a nice barbeque treat for us along with a delight of blueberry cakes grandma is famous for.

If you are new to using lawn mowers, and are looking for maintenance tips to keep it working well for years, then here are some easy tips that will help you –


1.    If you are going to store the mower for weeks without using, then the first thing that you need to do is not to leave a single drop of fuel in it. Siphon out the fuel completely, so that it stays in good shape

2.    Get rid of the dirt collected in the baggage attached to the machine after every use as it might contain moisture, which is going to damage the machine with time


3.    You must give due importance to cleaning the filters of the machine on regular basis, other you might have to get a habit of frequent lawn mower repairs

4.    Clean the blades properly before and after every use just to ensure that they are in good functional condition

5.    To ensure that the batteries used within the mower do not freeze, you need to remove them from the machine before storing


So, now you can easily maintain your mower in good working condition for years without any hassle!

Throughout the USA, you can look forward to people getting gearing up them to work on their lawns as the climate gets warmer & warmer. Possibly you feel like to do lawn maintenance with the intention that you just want a lawn that looks awesome in this summer season and seriously there is nothing wrong with that. Irrespective for the reason of desiring to maintain your garden, so as to do this you should keep your small lawn mowers in good working condition. By following these simple steps, you can assure yourself that your mower runs properly whenever you use it.

How to do lawn mower repair by yourself: –

The primary thing to look at when trying maintaining your mower to run good condition is changing the oil on a regular basis. This is genuinely very easy particularly if you have push lawn mowers, for the reason that somebody else can hold it while you can change the oil from it. If you look at the bottom side of the lawn mower deck, you will locate an oil plug, which is detachable, remove that plug with the intention that the old oil can be wiped out. It is advised to use a container to draw off the oil, thus there is no need to bother about cleaning all the mess from the ground. In spite of the fact that your mower perhaps doesn’t need, but prefer to use best brand of oil. Oil increase and corroding is a usual reason for lawn mower repair.

The next thing that you must do is to sharp the blades of mower. You can do this by taking out the blades with a adjustable wrench from upside & under the deck. Ample numbers of people choose to sharp the blades with a grinder whereas others who are not very much experienced choose to take it to professional lawn mower repair technician to sharpen the blade. Either it can be done in couple of minutes or if you wish to do it by your own, you can actually search for useful tips on the net.