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It was just another Christmas Vacation but to make it special we decided to celebrate it with at John’s grandma. She lived alone on the outskirts of the city; in a house my husband had named ‘The Chateau’, because to him, it had never been lesser than one of those mystic castles, the stories of which he had heard from grandma.

And as we reached there, I could understand why he was so fascinated with that house. It indeed carried the look of a villa, which lay snug amongst the woods giving the warmest welcome to its visitors. But I was a little tensed to see the condition of the garden; although grandma had tried to maintain it but her age and health prevented her from being the same active homemaker she had always been. So, I decided to make my little contributions, to help my husband relive the liveliness of his childhood days.

Echo lawn mower repair

All I needed was a lawn mower; grandma had one but it needed a little mending. We went to the nearby market the next day and got some spare parts. The best part of marrying an engineer is that they are often good henchmen and will repair your small machineries. John has always proved his worth in that.


As I mowed the lawn, I could see the old lady’s eyes gleaming with pleasure; and the next thing was a nice barbeque treat for us along with a delight of blueberry cakes grandma is famous for.


Throughout the USA, you can look forward to people getting gearing up them to work on their lawns as the climate gets warmer & warmer. Possibly you feel like to do lawn maintenance with the intention that you just want a lawn that looks awesome in this summer season and seriously there is nothing wrong with that. Irrespective for the reason of desiring to maintain your garden, so as to do this you should keep your small lawn mowers in good working condition. By following these simple steps, you can assure yourself that your mower runs properly whenever you use it.

How to do lawn mower repair by yourself: –

The primary thing to look at when trying maintaining your mower to run good condition is changing the oil on a regular basis. This is genuinely very easy particularly if you have push lawn mowers, for the reason that somebody else can hold it while you can change the oil from it. If you look at the bottom side of the lawn mower deck, you will locate an oil plug, which is detachable, remove that plug with the intention that the old oil can be wiped out. It is advised to use a container to draw off the oil, thus there is no need to bother about cleaning all the mess from the ground. In spite of the fact that your mower perhaps doesn’t need, but prefer to use best brand of oil. Oil increase and corroding is a usual reason for lawn mower repair.

The next thing that you must do is to sharp the blades of mower. You can do this by taking out the blades with a adjustable wrench from upside & under the deck. Ample numbers of people choose to sharp the blades with a grinder whereas others who are not very much experienced choose to take it to professional lawn mower repair technician to sharpen the blade. Either it can be done in couple of minutes or if you wish to do it by your own, you can actually search for useful tips on the net.