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ImageI have been in the lawn mowing industry for many years and am writing to share my experience on lawn mower maintenance and purchasing. For my personal/home mower, I do the following things:

1) Change the oil and filter at least on time per season (I always carefully read the owner’s manual and follow the factories recommendations. At the very minimum, I change the oil and filter at least one time per season.)

2) Replace the factory blade with a mulching blade (I have had best results with a product called gator blade. By changing to a mulching blade, I have been able to eliminate the need for bagging grass and improve the look of my yard)

3) Replace the spark plug at the beginning of each season (spark plugs generally cost less than two dollars and often make the lawn mower easier to start, especially if the old spark plug is very worn)

4) Check and clean the air filter every 3 cuts (a dirty air filter can damage your engine and make your mower much harder to start. I highly recommend checking and cleaning your air filter on a regular basis)

Lawn Mower Repair

If you are uncomfortable repairing your lawn mower yourself or have a complicated problem with your lawn mower, you should consult a professional who works on lawnmowers on a regular basis. You may find a professional by typing your cities name lawn mower repair into Google (for example, you may type, “AA Power Equipments Lawn Mower Repair” into Google). Once you generate a list of people in your area who do Lawn Mower Repair, you should research the companies you find a bit to find out whether or not they are trustworthy and sufficiently knowledgeable to do the job. To do this, I often ask for the recommendations of my family, friends, and other people in the lawn mowing industry. Often times, personal recommendations are a great way to find a trustworthy business.

Furthermore, once you find a professional that you want to take your lawn mower to, I strongly recommend getting a clear estimate for the price to complete the work before authorizing them to fix your machine. Often time’s repairs can exceed the value of a lawn mower and it makes more sense, economically, and it makes more sense to dump an old lawn mower than it does to invest a $150 dollars into an old one.

 In the case your lawn mower is old and not worth fixing, I strongly recommend investing either in a Honda Self Propelled Lawn Mower or Toro Personal Pace. In my opinion, Honda’s are the best lawn mower for someone that is willing to pay $400-$500 in order to get a great machine that lasts a long time. However, if you have a smaller budget, $250-$400, I strongly recommend the Toro Personal Pace because it is very reliable, well built, and features a very unique self propelled system that makes it very easy to use. The personal pace system actually varies its speed based on how hard you push, the harder you push, the faster it goes. I have owned several Honda’s and several Toro’s and recommend both to my family and friends depending on their budget and unique needs.

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Most of those who have a lawn, probably has a lawn mower. There are couples of people have no idea how to operate mower or even which parts are involved. Knowing some basic knowledge regarding your mower can keep you acquainted with Lawn mower repair Roswell GA, in case of emergency. If you follow these things as well as look after your mower prior it ceases to work, then it will run more effectively and last for longer duration. Anybody can execute some basic repairs when their mower is out of costs.

Out of the various problems the most general problems that individuals have is that their mower ceases to work. They are confident that they have adopted the guidelines exactly and nothing occurs. The initial thing you wish to do if your mower ceases to run is to ensure that there is sufficient fuel in the lawn mower. Quite a lot of mowers have a primer button to get the fuel to the engine. Also, if it has fuel but it has not been used for a long time, the fuel might require to be substituted.

An additional thing that is simple to look after, is the sparking plug. In ample numbers of cases the plug can get rusted, making the mower not to run. Prior you get out and purchase plugs, you ought to know that these plugs are very simple to clean. All you want is an old piece of cloth as well as a wire brush. After following such things Lawn mower repair Roswell GA can be done.